We can handle all of your video distribution needs!

BBB provides support for a wide range of operational tasks related to video distribution. We can handle various tasks including encoding and editing video data, converting subtitles, procuring and organizing works tailored to the platform's users, collecting and analyzing viewer activity logs, designing promotional materials (banners, key visuals, etc.), and managing the entire distribution platform on behalf of clients.

To Content Owners

Examples of contract services Examples of contract services

  • Encoding and editing

    We perform encoding and editing on video data, carefully testing and adjusting video parameters in order to produce videos with superior image quality.

  • Gathering and customizing movie data

    We gather metadata and image data from the works that we produce, and customize them for each media type. We also convert subtitle data and do image resizing to meet the specifications of different platforms.

  • Design services

    We can create and customize promotional banners and key visuals for video content on video distribution platforms, regardless of the content genre.

  • Platform operation services

    We can manage the entire distribution platform on behalf of clients.

Please consider us at your service if you are considering outsourcing operations related to video distribution.

Summary of Services