E-book publishing service for manga artists [Caleido] service launched.

BBB Corporation (President and CEO: Ryo Kasebayashi, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch a new business, [Caleido] an e-book publishing service for manga artists.

[Caleido] is an e-book publishing service that combines various elements to create something beautiful.
We are a bridge that connects not only authors and readers, but also many others, helping to deliver wonderful stories.
Not only distribution in major e-book stores in Japan, but also voice-over and animation depending on the popularity!

E-book distribution service
This is a service to distribute your works to e-book stores.
We take care of your work and help you sell it on domestic stores and apps.
We can also provide follow-up services before distribution and post-distribution advertising and promotional activities.

In-house Label
We publish original works under our own label.
Love Prism (Teens' love)
Licorice] (Boys' love)
Stride] (for young men)
We are also looking for authors who can write for us.
See here for inquiries regarding this topic.